Artwork: "Greater Than Fear" by Shepard Fairey

“Maybe this is not the darkness of a tomb, but the darkness of a womb, preparing to birth a nation.” - Valarie Kaur, Founder of the Groundswell Movement

We have entered a new world order. One in which the advances of the last decade are quickly regressing. With anger and frustration we react, calling our representatives, signing petitions. Reaction is important. Resistance is necessary. But it is not enough. We must also dream. Using this time of darkness to propel us toward an even brighter light; toward a smarter, more powerful and more inclusive vision for the nation’s future.

No one understands this resilience, and the eternal promise of tomorrow, better than girls and young women. Unfettered by the past, they know that the only path is forward.

That is why this year Alliance for Girls is inviting an unprecedented number of girl leaders (with your help) to join us for a day of creation, imagination, and movement building.

On May 23rd, Alliance for Girls’ 5th Annual Conference: Together We Rise will convene more than 500 extraordinary, intergenerational leaders of the girls’ movement. Together we will develop a roadmap to equity, focusing on five key elements:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Leadership
  3. Collective Action
  4. Legislation Culture
  5. Change

With a powerful grassroots movement, supported by strong and sustainable leadership, that is advancing critical civil rights legislation and promoting a culture of inclusiveness, imagination and love, we can create a new world. A better world: for girls and young women, and for us all.

In solidarity,

Emma Mayerson
Executive Director, Alliance for Girls

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