This Radical Visions of Safety Brief is created to provide an overview of the full...
As COVID-19 rages on and the nation continues to work on COVID-19 relief and recovery, AFG's latest report provides a roadmap on the investments and strategies needed to achieve greater equity, especially for girls and gender expansive youth of color.
This is a report for girls by girls that provides direction for girl champions—parents, caregivers, service providers, and all caring adults in the lives of girls and gender-expansive youth—on how to support safety and healthy relationships for girls and gender-expansive youth.
Alliance for Girls and its team of youth researchers developed a short survey for girls* in California up to age 24 to collect and analyze data at different time points of girls' experiences during the COVID-19 crisis.
Alliance for Girls’ school and community-based research combines quantitative and qualitative data to gain a deeper understanding of girls’ lived experiences. All reports include policy, practice and program recommendations for how to improve school and community systems to better meet girls’ needs.
In tandem to collecting data on girls’ expressed needs during COVID-19, Alliance for Girls is collecting data on COVID-19's impact on girl-serving organizations financially and programmatically. Findings inform all AFG programs.
Based on girls’ expressed needs, Alliance for Girls compiles data and research on girl-serving organizations. We collect and produce reports on important indicators of the sectors’ health, including budget size, staff size and diversity, range of services offered, and the location of services delivery.