3075 Adeline St., Suite 210, Berkeley, CA 94703

DREDF’s vision is a just world where all people, with and without disabilities, live full and independent lives free of discrimination. We work with the core principles of equality of opportunity, disability accommodation, accessibility, and inclusion by employing the following strategies:

Training And Education:

We train and educate people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities about their rights under state and federal disability rights laws so they can use the laws as tools to challenge exclusion and discrimination, and advocate effectively for full participation in the lives of their communities. We educate lawyers, service providers, government officials, and many others about disability civil rights laws and policies.

Legal Advocacy:

We represent clients in leading edge disability rights litigation. We advocate for the legal rights of individuals and families.

Public Policy And Legislative Development:

We design and carry out strategies that strengthen public policy and that lead to the enactment of federal and state laws protecting and advancing civil rights for people with disabilities.