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The staff of Fair Play for Girls in Sports works with our partners to identify key schools, districts, and communities with large numbers of low-income and minority girls where equality in athletics is lacking. Fair Play for Girls in Sports employs a multi-pronged approach to this issue, including:

Education and Outreach: Sharing information about the importance of equal access to athletic opportunities for low-income girls by reaching out to community groups, schools, youth groups, parks, professional organizations, and the media through presentations, articles, and informational materials.

Fair Play Helpline and Email: Questions about Title IX, AB 2404 (the Fair Play in Community Sports Act), and schools’ or parks’ compliance with the laws may be directed to Fair Play’s toll-free help-line at 877-593-0074, or you can e-mail questions to fairplay@las-elc.org

Data Collection: Developing a state-wide database on compliance efforts for evaluation and informational purposes.

Technical Assistance: Offering technical assistance to school districts, parks and recreation departments, peer organizations, and state and federal legislators regarding enforcing and improving existing laws.

Pre-litigation Solutions and Litigation: Engaging in negotiations to secure and monitor agreements and, in select instances, engaging in litigation when other strategies prove ineffective so as to advance opportunities for girls.