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Girls Leadership equips girls with the power to exercise their voice.

1) Girls Leadership works not only with girls, but also with their primary influencers parents, teachers, and caregivers to create sustainable impact. Studies show parents and teachers to be the most powerful teachers for girls all the way through high school.

2) We put social and emotional learning (SEL) at the foundation of all our leadership development.

3) We see girls real-life, every-day relationships with friends and family as the primary opportunity we have to teach girls the leadership skills that will serve them over a life-time: self-advocacy, negotiation, compromise, personal responsibility and conflict as an opportunity for change.

We teach in-person programs across the U.S., produce free educational content and conduct original research, such as our upcoming project, “Closing the Gap: Understanding how girls of color become leaders.” Our in-person programs teach girls, educators and parents the core practices of emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, and assertive self-expression. Taught by professional, salaried instructors, all Girls Leadership programs use interactive lessons and educational theatre-based techniques to help girls connect with their emotions and practice the tools of building healthy, authentic relationships. The courses are age-appropriate and progressive, following girls’ developmental needs from grade school through high school.

With our growing library of online resources, we are expanding our work across geographic, class, and racial boundaries to impact as many girls as possible. We are committed to learning what makes a difference in a girl’s development of a leadership identity, her aspirations, and her skills. What is happening at home, in school, and among peers that holds girls back, or helps them reach their potential?