P.O. Box 50368, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Girls to Women (G2W) is “dedicated to supporting girls as they design their futures for successful womanhood.” We opened our doors in early January of 2007, after being approached by a number of community parents wanting a locally oriented program for their daughters. We hit the ground running, and celebrated 7 years of community service to low-income families in East Palo Alto in January of 2014. In 2013 (and thus far through 2014) we’ve served 50 girls ages 6-14 and their families over 90% of whom were below-poverty or low-income, and nearly half in single-parent families – with a broad-spectrum, multicultural program. What’s unique about our approach, as compared to worthy but large-scale youth programs in our community, is an intensive, individualized approach that optimizes outcomes for girls and their families. Participants attend, on average, over 3 times/week during the school year and for a term now 28% above previous years, currently averaging 14 months. Cultural diversity has also shifted since early 2012 and now includes Latina (89%), African American (5%), Pacific Islander (4%), and South Asian (2%) cultural groups. Close to two-thirds of our girls’ parents are immigrants. Thirty percent of the girls are English Learners. All reside and/or have parents working in East Palo Alto.

While we request that families give what they can in support of their girls’ participation, few can afford to contribute more than a token per year. Over the past year, families’ contributions comprised less than $4,300, which met just 2% of expenses and under $100 per family per year. In any event, we don’t require a fee for service.

The current Girls To Women after-school program runs every school day afternoon and emphasizes:

1. Academic support, including bilingual support;

2. Mentoring, multiculturalism, & leadership development with culturally reflective women;

3. Arts;

4. Sports and games;

5. Health awareness;

6. Gardening, nature & outdoors;

7. Conflict-resolution and socialization skills.