2000 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 411, San Francisco, CA 94109


¿ Beginning with research we partner with social agencies and precisely identify key issues and shape them into policies, which are then targeted into results-producing programs.

¿ Utilizing our state, national and interna- tional network of NCJW sections, we lobby collectively to achieve necessary legislative change.


The Jewish Coalition

to End Human Traf cking (www.ncjwsf.org/jceht-mission)

In collaboration with the local interfaith community, we coordinate Bay Area Jewish organizations in raising awareness about modern day slavery and advocating on behalf of the victims.

The San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Traf cking (www.sfcaht.org)

We coordinate community-based organi- zations, government and law enforcement agencies in raising public awareness about modern day slavery, training professionals and volunteers, and assisting the victims.


¿ We advocate to ensure that domestic violence issues are on the agendas of public and Jewish community organizations and partner with direct service providers to support and empower the victims.

¿ We collaborate with local government and community-based organizations to address other family safety issues, such as gun violence, bullying and cyber crimes.

EMPOWERING WOMEN & YOUTH Center for Women & Girls

¿ Our Youth Empowerment Mentoring Program works directly with foster girls to help them avoid traf cking and sexual exploitation.

¿ We employ a full range of support services for women and girls in transition including educational materials and referrals.


Our scholarships to women and youth support the education of human traf cking survivors, social justice advocates, single parents in need, and those at risk of violence and exploitation.