2977 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 179, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

PBWC provides skill development, networking opportunities and inspiration to women at all levels to achieve their own ambitions and collectively advance gender equity in professional settings.


Professional BusinessWomen of California (PBWC) was founded in 1989 by United States Congresswoman Jackie Speier. The spark for its creation was lit by the overwhelming response to a Womens Day for San Mateo County Women event led by Speier in 1988.

In April of the following year, the Professional & BusinessWomens Conference was incorporated as a non-profit organization. Since then, the board of directors has evolved from its initial membership of long-term volunteers from the public sector to its present composition of corporate executives, entrepreneurs and leaders from both the public and private sectors.

In 1998, the organization announced its new name, Professional BusinessWomen of California. This step acknowledged the far-reaching success of the organizations efforts and its commitment to increasing the awareness and influence of PBWC throughout the state.


PBWC is headquartered in Northern California, and is one of the largest womens organizations, boasting a diverse community of over 35,000 professionals worldwide, corporate sponsors and media partners. It conducts community events, monthly webinars and conferences for womens professional and personal growth and development through tools, training workshops, resources, mentoring and motivation. The organization also presents an annual academic scholarship to a minimum of three California women who are high school seniors.