569 Kister Circle , El Sobrante, CA 94803

My name is Christine Saeteurn, and I started a project called The #SheCanToo Project. Our mission is to inspire women and young girls who suffered domestic violence, take charge of their own lives. Our goal is to provide guidance and resources to help these ladies gain confidence. By providing beauty, health and career counseling, they can find happiness and self-love. I was involved in a dangerous and toxic relationship before, and I am lucky to have come out of it alive. It has been nine years and I have turned my life around. I am now married to a great husband, have a good job, my kids are doing well, but I felt like something was still missing. I recently volunteered at the Women¿s Clinic in Berkeley and have talked to the women who resides there and also the staff. I quickly realized that I need to do something. These women need our support. I want to help with process of helping these women and young women feel good about themselves and gain back confidence, so they can turn their lives around. My nine year old daughter inspired me to come up with the name #SheCanToo. She plays competitive soccer and is currently playing in a boys¿ team. Every time the boys shows off some moves, she always says, ¿I can do that too!¿ Every time, any boy shows off about what they can do, she always says, ¿I can do that too!¿ She always says, ¿Anything that boys can do, girls can do!¿ I want to help instill this kind of mentality on other women, young women, and children who has been abused, who feels, worthless, and alone.