Today’s news is a significant blow to women’s and girls’ rights, and to all people with ovaries.

Roe v. Wade is one of the only pieces of legislation in the country that protects a person with a uterus’ right to make decisions about their pregnancy. Overturning this law criminalizes abortion and pregnancy outcomes, further criminalizing women, girls, nonbinary folx, trans men, and intersex people for making the right choice for themselves about their own bodies. Although the leak is not a final decision on Roe vs. Wade, it demonstrates the Supreme Court’s comfort with overturning such a basic right with little concern for its impact. This news is absolutely terrifying for anyone with a uterus and people who care about people with uteruses across this country.

There are no words that can describe the anger, sadness, and fear that this news ignites.

How can anyone with a uterus feel safe in a country that does not see our bodies as our own? How can the Supreme Court claim that all people are treated as equals in this country when they want to police women’s, gender nonbinary, and trans people’s bodies and their choices?

At Alliance for Girls (AFG), we believe that safe abortion is a human right and a person’s right to choose what they want to do with their body is theirs and no one else’s. As we and our 180 member organizations work to protect and expand the rights of girls and gender-expansive youth, we are deeply aware of how today’s news threatens these populations and the thousands of women, girls, and every other human with a uterus who are doing this work.

As we process this news, let’s make space for reflection on how reproductive rights are not only a gender equity conversation but a racial equity conversation, a public health conversation, a public safety conversation, an economic justice conversation, an education access conversation, and a human rights conversation. We may not all be focused on the same topics, but we are all impacted by this.

Simultaneously, we must lift up the voices of the people who are at the frontlines fighting day and night for our rights to our own bodies.

If you are unsure how best to support, donate to one or more sexual and reproductive health and reproductive justice groups and organizations:

Please also share resources about reproductive health rights, reproductive justice, Roe v. Wade, how to discuss sexual health and reproductive rights and abortion with girls and gender-expansive youth, and anything else that you think would be helpful to the AFG network and beyond.

Today is hard, and although it is a blow to our reproductive freedom, we are here together to hold space, to reflect, to spread awareness, and to strategize.

In solidarity,

Alliance for Girls