This Radical Visions of Safety Brief is created to provide an overview of the full Radical Visions of Safety Report released in 2021, and include specific, actionable strategies for those doing this work. This brief should be used and shared:

  1. To gain insight into the basic conditions and practices girls say they
    need in order to feel safe;
  2. To design and implement programming and policy changes to foster
    radical safety;
  3. To advocate and hold systems and institutions accountable to meeting
    safety for girls;
  4. To understand and value a better approach towards co-creating with

Radical Visions of Safety (RVoS) was first commissioned by Alliance for Girls back in 2019 as a extension of their Meeting Girls’ Needs Initiative to gain deeper insight into the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) from the lived, intersectional experiences of girls and gender-expansive youth most impacted by GBV. The approach this report took started from a space wherein girls redefined and recentered language and concepts of safety and healthy relationship, and then identified how they wanted to live, feel, and thrive to support this new understanding.

Check out the full brief here.