A special message from Cynthia Nimmo, Interim Executive Director

I have led networks of organizations working toward gender equity for a long time. So I was delighted to receive a call from Emma Mayerson, asking if I would lead Alliance for Girls (AFG)  while she takes a sabbatical. In my experience, there is nothing more powerful than collaborations of women who are directly in touch with other women and girls, to advocate for change.  I’ve seen this work with the White House, Governor’s offices, School Districts, and corporations –  shifting priorities and policies with solid, data-backed evidence of a better way to do things; a way that centers equity.

While I’ve been a fan of AFG (and Emma!) for a long time, over this past month, I have had the chance to experience exactly how AFG gets it done.  Working in collaboration is baked into its DNA.  In every meeting I’ve been in, mention of members, partners, and allies is central to the discussion of what we are doing, why, and how to ensure lasting impact. Now, in response to the virtual way many of us are working, AFG has created the AFG Learning Hub, an online platform to house the best of members’ workshops, so they can be accessed any time, anywhere, and reach a much larger audience. That’s impact!  

Please stay safe, well and hopeful, and remember that Alliance for Girls is here to support you.

With appreciation,



Interim Executive Director
Alliance for Girls