When Girls Thrive, We All Thrive

Alliance for Girls* was made for this moment. 

Our young women’s leadership board became paid staff of Alliance for Girls and launched unprecedented research on girls’ needs during COVID-19.

Our member organizations hand-delivered soccer equipment to girls’ doorsteps and streamed yoga classes in juvenile halls. Together they shared resources and practices to ensure girls most impacted by the pandemic could access critical services and programs. 

Our collective advocacy led to the enactment of policies that meet girls’ basic needs, including a $1 million allocation to close the period product gap and the passage of an innovative initiative to create jobs and provide stigma-free services for young mothers. 

This is the power of the collective. Watch our video to learn more. 

When Girls Thrive, We All Thrive - thumbnail from video celebrating our collective accomplishments in 2020

Alliance for Girls and our members are fighting for a world where a girl’s worth is determined by her mind and spirit, her body is safe and a source of joy, and the sky is her limit. And we are not creating this world for our young people and those who champion them, but with them. Every step of the way, Alliance for Girls listens to girls and follows their leadership. 

Join us in investing in girls’ leadership and valuing girls’ lives. 


Emma Mayerson
Executive Director, Alliance for Girls