2021 was a milestone year for Alliance for Girls, and we are so thrilled to share how, despite the pandemic, AFG made great strides with outcomes that include publishing leading-edge research in collaboration with girls; equipping girls’ champions with virtual networking and education opportunities; and building strength as an advocacy organization.

We feel the urgency of the problems the pandemic has unearthed. Though frontline staff and organizations faced major disruptions exacerbated by COVID-19, such as budget restraints and burn out, they did amazing work, moving quickly to address the cracks in our systems. Through the pages of our annual report, you will see how we worked together with youth researchers, AFG members and community partners to mobilize efforts so that we can demonstrate the need for a coordinated, systemic response to girls’ challenges.

With your support, the AFG team will continue to innovate and collaborate to create a better future where every girl and gender-expansive youth has the opportunity to reach their full potential.