The Need

We’re aggressively confronting the many issues that stand in the way for so many girls. Those roadblocks range from sexual harassment and hyper-sexualization, to equal educational opportunity and political participation.

Consider the following about the challenges faced by girls and young women:


  • Fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system
  • Depression rate twice that of boys
  • Eating disorders among top 10 causes of disability
  • Twice as likely as boys to worry that leadership roles will make them seem “bossy”

Bay Area

77% decrease in enrollment in computer education in San Francisco over the past decade

61% African-American high school graduation rate in Oakland


Psychological and cyber bullying rate almost twice that of boys in Santa Clara County


Bay Area designated by FBI as among nation’s high-intensity areas for commercial sexual exploitation of children

And, despite these circumstances, a paltry 4% of domestic philanthropic funds are going to programs that support girls and young women.

The Solution

The issues facing girls and young women are complex and multi-faceted. Alliance for Girls (AFG) is transforming the girls’ service sector from one of siloed, single-issue organizations, to a strong, connected network of 100+ organizations, with the necessary complexity and collective power to holistically meet girls’ needs and eliminate systemic barriers to their success.

Together we’re enabling new, integrated models for supporting girls with strong leadership, collaborative programming, original research and intergenerational, cross-disciplinary advocacy strategies.

Member Organizations

Direct Service
  • Advocacy & Media
  • Arts
  • Cultural Education & Awareness
  • Education
  • Health Services
  • Life Skills & Job Training
  • Mentoring & Tutoring
  • Outdoor Education & Sports
  • Social Services
Trained Leaders
  • Trained 2,749 adult allies

felt safe to engage in critical conversations


reported that the content was useful and relevant


learned new skills to make them more effective in their roles


left renewed and motivated

Culture of Collaboration
  • 50+ collaborations between girls’ organizations
Original Research & Systems Change
  • $30.5 million allocated to girls’ programs in San Francisco due to AFG advocacy
  • Sexual harassment policy passed unanimously in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)
  • Girls prioritized in legislation (e.g., Children’s Fund in San Francisco, Equity Policy in OUSD)
  • Three original reports on Bay Area girls’ service sector and lived experiences of girls

Success Stories

Stronger Girls
Stronger Leaders
Stronger Organizations
Stronger Systems

“Growing up through the Alliance for Girls network has changed my life immensely. My time at Julia Morgan School for Girls was where I learned the value of my voice. I was never shy growing up, but I would second guess myself or not speak up for fear that I was wrong. At JMSG, I learned that it’s okay to be wrong and that, as young women, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect all the time. I learned that whatever we have to say matters. That is why we must speak up.

After understanding the power of my voice, it has been phenomenal to have the opportunity to serve on the AFG Young Women's Leadership Board and see the impact on my voice. On the board, we are tasked with speaking up and amplifying the voices and experiences of young girls, particularly young girls of color. My voice and those of other young women on the board have helped to shape the direction of Alliance for Girls. Our voices help make sure that underrepresented young girls do not go unnoticed. This for me has been the true impact that I have felt from learning the lessons that I did at JMSG and serving on the YWLB.”

Gabrielle Battle, Member, Alliance for Girls Young Women’s Leadership Board

“Being a member of Alliance for Girls has increased my impact and that of the organization I lead. It has helped me make meaningful and useful connections to direct service providers, systems leaders and activists. I have learned new skills and gained new tools from trainings including better program evaluation and fundraising skills. As a Juvenile Justice Commissioner, I have learned to spend more time listening to girls before making policy recommendations, and as a member of Alliance for Girls' Leadership Team I have been able to partner with members who share our mission of ending the school-to-prison pipeline for girls of color. The benefits of our membership are truly invaluable.”

Courtney Macavinta, CEO, The Respect Institute

“Alliance for Girls has supported me and the Mission Girls staff by allowing us to participate in the yearly conference which connected us with other girl service organizations and allies to be able to forge relationships which have moved our program forward. Being able to communicate and network with other women leaders has served as a great leadership development tool for new and experienced staff. Thank you, Alliance for Girls, for being the connector of amazing programs.”

Susana Rojas, Youth Services Manager, Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

Julia Morgan School for Girls & Equal Rights Advocates

“Every year, our students research how much money a girl loses in her lifetime as a result of being female. The numbers always astonish them, but I have never seen them as activated and inspired as they were this year. Making a video with Equal Rights Advocates, an Alliance for Girls member, about their research and making a presentation to thousands of businesswomen at the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission allowed our girls to not only learn about wage disparity, but realize their own efficacy as advocates for change. One of the students is now a commissioner on the Hayward Youth Commission. Alliance for Girls made this possible."

Sandra Luna, Head of School, Julia Morgan School for Girls

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp & Shalom Bayit

“We wanted to partner with Shalom Bayit because, as an organization working with young people, we think it’s imperative to discuss healthy relationships, both romantic and platonic. There are not many strong examples of respectful friendships and healthy boundaries in pop culture. At rock camp, we talk about social justice and feel that consent, respect and healthy communication are the foundation for those larger conversations. We felt that the first step in social justice is addressing interpersonal relationships.

Campers would share stories about friend break-ups or ask volunteers questions about dating. From those stories and questions, we saw a need. This will be our third summer partnering with Shalom Bayit, and it has been very well received by our campers.”

Shawna Scroggins, Co-Executive Director, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp


In 2017, Alliance for Girls was integral in partnering with the Oakland Unified School District to pass one of the most progressive and responsive sexual harassment school district policies in the state. A year later, 100% of OUSD’s school principals are now trained in its new approach. AFG’s report, Valuing Girls’ Voices: The Lived Experiences of Girls of Color in Oakland Unified School District, helped to educate and inform the district and community, and highlighted key issues girls were facing in our schools. To address these concerns, AFG formed a multi-stakeholder group to work on revising the school district’s sexual harassment policy.

“AFG’s collaborative approach ensured that diverse perspectives – from the board, staff and community – informed the policy development process and ensured there was widespread buy-in. As a result, the policy was crafted with an eye toward effective implementation, which resulted in better results after the policy was unanimously approved by the board.

AFG’s regular communication and follow-up with board members and district leadership and staff helped to ensure that the policy under development was moving along the legislative process. The continuity of AFG holding the work helped ensure that the policy was passed in the midst of a leadership transition at the district level. AFG helped to successfully lift student voices and highlight the need for the district to address and prioritize the issues our girls were facing.”

Aimee Eng, President, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education