At Alliance for Girls, our work is fueled by the knowledge that girls and gender-expansive are disproportionately affected by systemic inequities in our social systems

Most of our initiatives and that of our broad member network are geared toward uplifting the lived experiences of girls because we know that the road to collectively transforming our systems to better serve girls and gender expansive youth begins with identifying social and cultural barriers stacked against them. 

It begins with learning from the expert opinions of girls* whose proximity to these issues makes them adequately poised to recommend solutions. Our research and that of our members depend on a youth participatory model to ensure that girls’ voices are included.  

Want to learn more about the issues facing girls and gender-expansive youth but don’t know where to start? Here are some factsheets curated by our members with the help of girls*  to help you along;

  • COVID-19 Data Snapshots