Our members are constantly breaking the mold with powerful new research and studies that explore the world of girls and gender expansive youth and unearth the myriad of inequities that they are faced with. Studies grounded in both quantitative and qualitative data that highlight girls* lived experiences and make a case for the urgent change needed to ensure that girls* thrive. 

As girl champions information is our ultimate power. We cannot advocate for the transformation of the systems that harm girls without first presenting accurate data identifying the existing systemic gaps.

The studies conducted within our member network are extensive ranging from girls* experience with racism and regressive cultural norms to sexism in various sectors such as sports or education. But it doesn’t fixate on the negatives. Some of our members have equally devoted studies to uplift girls* strengths, spotlighting areas where they have exhibited exceptional leadership.

Want to learn about the issues facing girls and gender-expansive youth but don’t know where to start? Here are some reports published by our members with the help of girls*  to help you along;

Local Research

National Research

Overall Status of Girls



Safety & Well-Being

Girls’ Leadership