Graphic banner for AFG Learning Hub, featuring artwork by mensen. 3 youth looking at a laptop together.

As a girl or gender-expansive youth, have you ever faced a situation that could have been alleviated by certain support services but had no way of accessing them? You are not alone. Most youths are in the dark about the extensive network of service-providing organizations and the myriad of resources they offer to girls* from educational and career support to mental health resources and reproductive healthcare.

At Alliance for Girls, we aim to bridge this information gap between girls and girl service providers by providing girls and gender-expansive youth with a map of sorts to help them navigate the resources available to them and to keep them in the know about their rights.

We have compiled a list of accessible toolkits, curricula, and trainings provided by our broad member network of girl-serving organizations to familiarize girls with the many services available and to ensure that no girl is left stranded in times of need. 

Find our curated list of toolkits below;