One Circle Foundation recently announced the new Unity Circle; a space beyond the gender binary that responds to the needs and strengths of LGBTQ+ communities, gender diverse and gender non-conforming youth, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) populations, and allies. It promotes an emotionally safe and brave setting and structure in which all youth and/or adults can develop supportive and healthy connections.

Within the Unity Circle model comes 2 new curricula for facilitating small support groups.



PRIDE is a 10-session activity guide for use with LGBTQ+ youth of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and allies. The sessions provide opportunities to express experiences, identify needs, recognize cultural and social influences on diverse identities and preferences, develop resources and skills, learn equity-building strategies, promote protective factors, and celebrate with authenticity. With respect for individual safety and self-pacing, and with no requirement for self-disclosure, the circle promotes belonging, inherent worth, and community resilience.  This program may be used as a stand-alone circle program, implemented within a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), or facilitated with existing Girls Circle and The Council groups.

Includes instruction for both ONLINE and IN-PERSON facilitation. Ages 9 – 18.

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Mitigating Gender and Racial Bias: Intersectionality and Allyship is an 8-Session activity guide that promotes dialogue and understanding around racial inequities and discriminatory views and practices toward youth and/or adults of diverse racial and gender identities and sexual orientations and builds resilience through allyship strategies and relational healing. From within this relational context, it offers discussions and experiential activities to promote awareness and equity, and ultimately to improve health and well-being for youth and/or adults of color and LGBTQ+ identities through knowledge, empathy, and allyship skills and actions.

Includes instruction for both ONLINE and IN-PERSON facilitation.

Appropriate for older teenagers and adults.

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