Originally posted by AFG member, Techbridge Girls.

Crystal’s Story

Crystal Tran

For first-year high school student Crystal, participating in Techbridge Girls’ Pacific Northwest after-school programming has taught her not only STEM skills, but also the importance of leadership. Her experience in Techbridge Girls’ high school Achievers program has inspired her to “lead through science to help the world… and use the things I’m learning in Techbridge Girls to help others.”

At the age of 15, Crystal is already using the STEM skills that she has gained from participating in Techbridge Girls’ hands-on science experiments and bioplastics lessons. In her Achievers sessions, Crystal shared, “we made our own plastics that benefit the earth more.”

“Bioplastics use starch and plant-based materials that won’t harm the earth,” Crystal explained. “Normal plastics don’t decompose; they come from oil. Bioplastics will decompose at a faster rate, while normal plastics trash and pollute.”

Environmental issues matter to Crystal, who worries about the future and the world she will inherit. Her hope is that those with power and status will do more to help protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions. If they don’t, she will combat her fears by taking action. “Even if I [don’t] succeed, I have to try my best,” said Crystal. She plans to continue leading fearlessly as she pursues her passion for STEM by working towards a STEM career where she can preserve our planet.