by Dahlia, Lacrosse Player at Oakland Lacrosse Club. Originally published here.

Oakland Lacrosse launched a strategic initiative to implement our holistic program at every Oakland public middle school. Dahlia joined our program about four weeks ago. Last week we had the opportunity to interview Dahlia about her OLC experience:

Name: Dahlia

Grade: 6

School: Westlake

How did you get introduced to lacrosse: My neighbor Julio is part of the OLC. I would see him playing in his backyard and so I became interested through him. He brought me to my first practice at Westlake.

What do you like about lacrosse so far: The sport helps me to express my emotions and I just like to throw and catch.

Academic Goals: I want to get all A’s and B’s.

Future Goals: I want to play lacrosse in college and be a lawyer.

Favorite thing about our Saturday Lacrosse Clinics at Laney: At school we play on cement, so it is nice to play on the grass at Laney and we get to wear the full equipment.