by Catherine Zhou, student and alum of Tech Trek sponsored by AAUW San Francisco.

To start off I would like to thank you and the rest of the San Francisco AAUW Branch for giving me this chance to attend the best camp ever! Even though I didn’t get into Tech Trek at Stanford, I’m really lucky to have gotten in at all.

On the way to Fresno I was really nervous, I thought to myself did I bring too much stuff? Will I make any friends? Will anyone think I’m really weird? Will I be homesick? I was just so nervous! But when I got there I had a sigh of relief, everybody seemed nice and I don’t think I was the only nervous one.

During dinner on the first day, I had already made a friend. Her name was Camille Ramos. That night we did fun activities and we had a dorm meeting. The beds were pretty comfortable so I had a good night sleep. The next morning we were allowed to get up earlier than usual. We had breakfast and then labs. During the labs, we did cyber security and coding. That was really fun because we got to learn how to decode passwords. After that, we went bowling I’m not so good at bowling but at least I can in seventh.

After lunch, I went to my core class which was Art in Math. On the first day, we made string art, on the second day we made fractals which triangles and on the last two days we made origami. On Thursday, we went to the zoo. By then, I had already made five great friends. Camille, Simi, MC, and Noor. At the Zoo, we got to see a lot of cool animals. We even got to feed the giraffes! When we can back everyone was to take a picture with the people from their city. I was surprised that there was only one other girl that came from San Francisco.

My whole week was wonderful. We did the best activities and we had the best pool party on Thursday. Hanging with friends, going to the zoo, having a pool party, and learning new things in my core class. It’s the best week I could ever think about! Overall, I just want to thank you and everyone else that made it possible for me to attend this camp. Thank You so much!

Catherine Zhou