Rosie the Riveter Trust exhibition

Written by Alliance for Girls member, Rosie the Riveter Trust

We loved finding this young visitor fully immersed in a Rosie moment at the Rosie the Riveter World War II National Historical Park. She had found the perfect place to sit and was determined to finish her Junior Ranger workbook, decked out in a paper ranger hat, next step being to take her official Junior Ranger oath and receive a badge. Working through the questions, she pressed the nearby button again and again to hear Rosie tell her story – part of new, immersive and interactive exhibits at the center.

Seeing this moment was golden for Rosie the Riveter Trust and helps affirm our efforts to enhance the ways people of all ages learn the home front history. In partnership with the National Park, Rosie the Riveter Trust honors the legacy of World War II Home Front workers, while also inspiring our youth with the ‘We Can Do It!’ spirit.

This year has been a very touching time as we’ve now lost more of our Rosies. Though we may not have Kay, Agnes, Priscilla, Margaret, and Phyllis to talk with, their stories live on. In this pivotal time, we are busy documenting history and encouraging the youth that come through our programs to take the same precious care with their own families with projects like family history documentaries. Our mission is to reach as many young people as we can to ensure they KNOW they CAN do anything they put their minds to – just as this determined little girl knew she could become a Junior Ranger during her visit that day.

The Visitors Center is open 7 days a week with free admission! In addition, Rosie Fridays are back weather and health permitting. Call in advance to ensure you can meet and chat with real women who worked on the home front during World War II. Feel free to visit to learn more about visiting the park, our programs, and upcoming events!