Our Vision

We envision a world where girls are not limited by the gender binary or harmful gender norms that dictate how a girl should or should not be. A world where girls have access to safety from gender-based violence in their homes and community, and an education free of gender-based discrimination. Our ultimate goal is to advance equitable systems and communities in which every girl thrives.

At Alliance for Girls, we are committed to intervening and preventing gender-based violence and gender equity by advocating for and working with girls, particularly girls who sit at the intersections of racism, sexism, ablism, and other oppressive forces. With intergenerational leadership, cross sectoral partnerships, and community-driven solutions, we can stop these cycles of violence and injustice before they are normalized.

#WhenGirlsThrive: COVID-19 Advocacy

During this unprecedented crisis, our team is working to identify and meet the needs of girls. Our policy priorities have largely remained relevant, while others have evolved or been placed on pause while we respond to more immediate needs. Learn more about our COVID-19 research and advocacy initiative, When Girls Thrive.

The Girls Policy Agenda

Alliance for Girls has been building a powerful #GirlsPolicyAgenda to address girls' needs, led by girls and girls' champions. Our #GirlsPolicyAgenda builds off of our most recent report, Together, We Rise, a young women-led research report completed in partnership with the Women's Foundation of California.

The report identified key issues impacting girls such as:

  • The severity of the public safety crisis facing girls in schools, on public transportation and in the community
  • The gaps in the social safety net for the most marginalized girls in our communities including young mothers
  • The impact of toxic gender norms on girls' daily lives, including the normalization of violence, social isolation, low expectations, and being kicked out of their homes

Our Strategies


Addressing harmful gender norms through narrative change, engaging male allies, and moving beyond the gender binary.


Increasing participatory decision-making that centers the voices of girls of color in government, schools, and decision-making spaces.


Centering the lived experiences of girls of color in creating solutions that will benefit everyone.

Our Advocacy Priorities

Our #GirlsPolicyAgenda is co-designed by girls and community members through community meetings and feedback. Together we have identified advocacy priorities and community-driven solutions.

Safety from Gender-Based Violence

Girls should live in a world where they are safe in their home, community, school and public spaces. Our approach includes enhancing protective factors to increase safety and prevent violence.

Safety from Gender-Based Violence on Public Transportation

We launched a gender equity action plan and campaign to end sexual and gender-based violence on public transit. 

Learn how we're increasing safety on BART.

Safe and Inclusive Schools for Girls

We're engaging a girl- and community-led approach to removing barriers to success in school districts for Bay Area girls of color so they can thrive in school and in life.

Learn more about our school partnerships.

Increasing Girls' Access to Caring Adults

We're working to ensure that every girl has at least one caring and encouraging adult in her life who can connect her to opportunities, critical resources, and new possibilities that help her thrive.

Addressing the Increase in Child Abuse at Home During COVID-19

We're increasing protective factors for girls by advocating for solutions that close the digital divide and allow girls to access resources and support safely and privately.

Equitable Access to Resources

We must ensure girls have access to resources that close existing gender inequities and enhance their quality of life.

Increased Support for Young Moms

We're advocating for access to stigma-free social support and childcare for young moms.

Government Funding to Meet Girls' Needs

We're ensuring existing state funds include a gender equity lens or advocating for a new budget to meet girls' needs.

Learn how our advocacy led to designated funding for girls in San Francisco.

Coordination of Resources to Enhance Protective Factors for Girls

We partnered with Oakland Unified School District to support schools to provide period products at their distribution sites during COVID-19 and are advocating to expand this service across school districts in California.

Government Accountability

Government agencies should prioritize data collection on the lived experiences and needs of girls in the margins in order to meet their needs adequately.

Youth-Led Data Collection on Girls' Needs

We launched a survey with our Youth Participatory Action Research team of youth researchers during COVID-19 to identify the needs of girls, a population that has been overlooked during this crisis. Learn more about the When Girls Thrive initiative.

Learn more about the Girls Policy Agenda and share our work here.

Questions? Contact Alliance for Girls’ Advocacy Manager Haleema Bharoocha at haleema@alliance4girls.org.

Policy Wins

Establishing a Gender Equity Action Plan for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) through the Girls Policy Agenda

Since 2019, Alliance for Girls and its members have been working with BART to enhance safety for girls and gender-expansive youth on public transit due to the overwhelming need for such measures in the Bay Area. Alliance for Girls, in collaboration with its members and youth leaders, developed policy recommendations that were presented to the BART Board on Feb 27th, 2020. The Board unanimously passed our resolution, which is the first of its kind for any public transit agency in the Bay Area and is enabling us to work together on critical initiatives, including:

  • Launching a public campaign on gender-based violence and sexual harassment awareness and prevention in partnership with Betti Ono and youth leaders from the Unity Council and Black Girls Brilliance 
  • A BART website page outlining the reporting process and expectations when gender-based violence and sexual harassment occurs on BART
  • Updating the BART rider code of conduct to prohibit gender-based violence and sexual harassment
  • Ensuring well-lit, safe pick-up and waiting areas at BART stations

We are also launching a community and youth-led working group, “Together, We Ride,” to oversee the implementation of these policies and ensure accountability in the process. Thank you to our powerful collaborative of leaders!

Designated Funding for Girls through the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

In 2013, just one year after Alliance for Girls' public launch, the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families (DCYF) disproportionately cut girls' organizations from its budget. Of an $8 million increase in funds, only 0.01% was allocated toward girls’ organizations. Through Alliance for Girls’ advocacy, DCYF restored $350,000 to needed girls' organizations in San Francisco. Moreover, Alliance for Girls worked with a coalition led by Coleman Advocates to craft and enact legislation that increased money allocated to the Children’s Fund, through Prop C, and prioritized gender-responsive services for the fund. In addition, AFG partnered with DCYF to improve the RFP process for the following funding cycle, by supporting the development of gender-specific listening sessions, including focus groups with girls and girls’ service providers. This resulted in $30.5 million in designated funding for girls’ unique needs in the 2018-2023 funding cycle.